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Business Set Up Activities

Preparation of Market Feasibility Report

All feasibility studies should look at how things work, if they will work, and identify potential problems. Feasibility studies are done on ideas, campaigns, products, processes, and entire businesses.

Feasibility studies are assessment tools - not just repor

Land Acquisition in India refers to the process of land acquisition by the central or state government of India for various infrastructure and economic growth initiatives. Land acquisition in India is currently governed by The Right to Fair Compensation and Transpare

Land acquisition and plant set up

Business licenses and clearances for the unit

We help client to get the required business licenses and clearances from various authorities. Every business needs various clearances like water, fire, traffic, environment etc so on and so for. Few businesses required more than 72 different clearances and without th

Market competitors report gives the in depth analysis of our product and services in comparison with the other competitors exist in the market. This can give a better look in improvement in our business strategies.

Competitors Research Report

Product Initialization Report

This report help client to have an in depth looks into the various components in the product or services in which they are dealing. From raw material cost to quality of final product every aspect can be cover in this report.

This report enable client to get better look in purchasing of high value machines in respect of various sellers, various quality, various facilities and various cost of the particular machine. This can save a big time and cost of client and helps in quick and better

Machinery Comparative Analysis Report

Government Subsidies

There are lot many entities in a market who don’t know what kind of subsidies are been provided by Central and State Government. With deep knowledge and help, entities can get maximum benefits from such available subsidies.

Any new business setup needs good marketing strategies by which they can make good contact with the focused client’s domain. We help you to meet your future customers with various means in advertising and media management.

Advertisement of all sort and Media Management

Arrangement of Business Meets and Summits

We help clients to arrange their business meetings and get together with their clients across globe. We also invite our interested clients in various business meetings according to their business model all over the world.

Many clients need specialized machinery for their business which comes to India from overseas. We arrange clients talk with manufacturers and do needful process and documentation to bring this machinery to clients place in safe and cost effective way.

Import of machineries required from overseas

Setting up of Strategic management hierarchies

Our management team helps you to setup the business model and business strategies in to your business. It also includes implementation of hierarchy within management for better control system within organization.

ERP system is having a very important role in communication and controlling various aspects of the organization. We help you to set up and implement ERP system within your organization.

Setting Up of ERP system

Power Management Strategies

Power management is today’s need of any business. Properly management power system can help you to reduce your power cost up to 30% to 45%. This will somehow help organization to improve their business profits. We help you to setup appropriate and cost effective po

Market survey and brand promotion is although marketing strategy part but many times it will help in better understanding of business action and future need. We help you to arrange survey and promotion according to your need and sample of population in desired locati

Market Survey and Promotion activities

Brand Creation

Brand creation is different than marketing strategies making. Creation of brand is much more than just a marketing and promotion. It creates value and long term impacts in the mind of the client. Our management team helps you in strategy formulation of creating good

Any business needs proper business management system for proper working of various business clusters, like, Sales, Accounting, Technical and Non-Technical workers, Debtor and Creditor management, Payroll system etc. We help you to design and setup those systems in yo

Setting Up of Business Management Systems