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New Ways Finanacing

ECB and Foreign Funding

ECB and foreign funding is very interesting way of financing and it only used by big corporate houses till date in India. Our vision is to bring it to normal customer, small business units and SMEs. This involves RBI policies, FEMA rules and more or less 68 types of

There are many private investors are in India who are looking for good business opportunity to invest. We bring your business and them together.

Private Funding


This maneuver involves selling the receivables on your balance sheet at a discount to raise quick money. The invoices can be for anything from manufactured goods to medical services. Factors have a first lien on those cash flows, so factoring arrangements are hard to

A twist on factoring for business-to-consumer arrangements with longer time frames. Say you sell delivered-food plans to people too busy to shop. Your customers might sign up for a monthly installment plan, to be paid out over two years, but you need cash now. A cons

Consumer Installment Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Say you landed an order from a big retailer, but you don’t have the cash for the raw materials to make the product. A purchase-order financier might front the money to buy the material today and take a cut of the check ultimately paid by the retailer. Because the P

These financiers of last resort give small businesses cash today in return for a percentage of their future credit card sales. Unlike a loan, which comes with a fixed coupon over a set period of time, MCA transactions involve a target repayment amount, collected over

Merchant Cash Advance

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Financing

This method lets you borrow against future legal awards. Pre-settlement shops tend to advance in the neighborhood of 10% of the expected settlement. If you prevail, the financier takes its cut of the award, perhaps 40% (that’s on top of the roughly 33% that your la